How do I choose waterproof flooring?

How do I choose waterproof flooring?

Waterproof flooring could be integral to your upcoming remodel because it brings many benefits. You'll enjoy protection from water damage, yes, but also impressive visuals and lifespan.

If you've never had waterproof floors, you'll want to learn more about what they offer. Here are a few facts that could help with your remodel.

Waterproof flooring for the perfect look

One of the most exciting features of this product line is that products mimic natural materials like stone and solid hardwood. So, to choose the best visual for your home, pick waterproof laminate flooring looks that cater to your existing décor or help to create a new one.

Visuals are vital because they keep you stylish and up to date with current design trends. And it's easy to create options that work for everyone in the home.

Waterproof floors for outstanding durability

Choose your level of durability by considering the amount of in-house traffic and activity your home will see daily. More movement demands more durable flooring to guard against damaged and shortened lifespans.

The wear layer on these floors is customizable to your specific need. And you’ll enjoy waterproof vinyl flooring protection from water damage, even in flood conditions.

Ease of installation is important too

With a floating floor choice, you could be walking on your waterproof flooring the same day they're installed. They're easy to install and easy to remove when the time comes.

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